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Introduction of intergator into your enterprise: Schooling concepts

Following the implementation of intergator and a successful pilot phase is its introduction to all employees and the transfer to the IT administrators of your enterprise. interface projects has developed various training concepts and educational models to facilitate a fast adaptation to the new system and its functionalities.

For a basic introduction of intergator to pilot and end users, multipliers and IT administrators there are standard trainings available. The format of these introductory sessions to the use of intergator is either face-to-face or remote with a duration between 3 – 6 hours.

The intergator Academy offers qualified trainings for IT administrators, developers and the people in charge of intergator within the enterprise. The successful conclusion of these face-to-face trainings with a duration of up to 2 days is honoured by a certificate.

Be successful with intergator: Overview on coaching measures

intergator Trainings

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