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ACIS IT believes in delivering the right solution with the right attitude for quality in order to achieve its customer's satisfaction.
ACIS stands for competence, commitment and achievement.

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ACIS ‘s multilingual & highly skilled team work hard to render & support our customers where technology makes life simpler and where their businesses rely on our solutions to achieve growth ,advancement & overall efficiency

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  • IBG , Dubai , United Arab Emirates
  • ACIS, DIP-1 , Dubai United Arab Emirates
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Phone:+971 4 8853014
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About interface projects GmbH

The interface projects GmbH is with your own product intergator a leading German supplier of enterprise search and information management solutions. Regardless of industry and size, intergator supports intelligent information discovery in every organization. Content from various data sources is aggregated and analyzed across applications and systems.

Our Product

intergator is a machine-learning intelligent, cross-system search engine and knowledge management and analytics platform. With intergator, users can access the internal and external information assets of an organization securely, quickly and conveniently , and retrieve personalized company and process-relevant information via the search-based dashboard .

Why intergator

Unlike simple full-text search, intergator does not leave the user alone with thousands of hits, but provides elegant and highly efficient ways to navigate, narrow down or extend the results of enterprise search . This is made possible by an automatic keywording, recognition of proper names and contexts.

Product belongs:

interface projects Gmbh 

Founded in 1993, Dresden

Industry / Business Fields

  • Enterprise Search - Next Generation
  • Cognitive Services
  • knowledge management
  • information management
  • Content Analytics
  • Social intranet


over 220 installations at customers

over 300 OEM customers

Headquarters Germany;
Zwinglistraße 11/13
01277 Dresden