The Navigator – intuitive finding in complicated structures

When searching information in several hierarchical levels, there is a need besides the limiting of search results, to disclose this information as well as about the navigation of elements.

This is especially interesting for file servers and datasets, that have been tagged by a taxonomy. For such application scenarios, intergator provides with the navigator perspective a competitive solution. The hyperbolic tree is ideally to visualise extensive hierarchical structures in small spaces. The unique technical implementing of interface:projects is based on HTML5 and does not require any browser plug-ins


Advantages of the Navigator

  • New personalized searching perspective
  • Easy navigation by deeply hierarchical datasets
  • Uniform overview about the datasets
  • Innovative metadata navigation view
  • No plug-ins necessary
  • Easy navigation within search hits
  • 360 degree view on internal knowledge base

Application Areas

  • Intranet
  • Knowledge Management
  • Enterprise Search