Machine learning with intergator: Enterprise Search meets Deep Learning

The intelligent digital workplace becomes reality by a search supported with machine learning methods

Learning is the key to intelligence. This principle holds true for humans and for machines alike. Automated learning processes are gaining in importance through the continued growth of data, which are distributed over many data sources. With machine learning as a sub-field of artificial intelligence, the combination of empirical observations and human knowledge with the help of superior computing power succeeds in a new quality of intelligent information processing. When it comes to machine learning, the focus is usually on end-user applications. This includes the personalization of search suggestions, the presentation of responses adapted to the individual context, personalized recommendations and smart services. In the field of business-to-business (B2B), machine learning also offers promising opportunities. The goal is to increase productivity, optimize processes, reduce costs and increase customer loyalty. The applications of machine intelligence are categorized in various categories including:

  • Intelligent business processes
  • Intelligent infrastructure
  • Digital assistants


intergator use cases of machine learning

At intergator the integration of machine learning processes into product development has been playing an important role in for some time now. Through machine learning in combination with superior computing power, intergator has been able to introduce a new quality of intelligent information processing in numerous projects such as:

  • Improved classification and categorization of documents in predetermined structures
  • Context-sensitive recognition of entities such as people, places, products, organizations, etc.
  • Semantic relationships between terminology for improved and personalized responses
  • Query by example for an intelligent find using the sample content (image, e-mail, document, etc.)
  • Face recognition by geometric and classification methods
  • Image recognition and image search

intergator solutions at a glance:

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