intergator – Enterprise Search Next Generation

intergator stands for Enterprise Search next generation, an intelligent solution the heart of which is the corporate-wide search.

intergator is a cross-system search engine, knowledge management and content analytics solution based on machine learning. Save valuable work time with the intergator search as core component of your Digital Workplace by providing users with secure, fast and convenient access to the internal information resources of your enterprise for an effective information support. With intergator you will be able to retrieve smart data from big contents, thereby supporting business processes and helping you make informed business decisions. Integrate intergator into your existing system and enable a company-wide search under consideration of access rights.

Why intergator? Gain a competitive edge

  • Efficient information retrieval and added-value services
  • No waste of time with long searches and ineffective work
  • All information for decision-making at hand
  • Improve decision making and advance business processes
  • Boost performance and productivity
  • Share knowledge effectively and improve collaboration
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Maintain information security and privacy issues
  • Be always and everywhere up to date: intranet & enterprise search to go

This intelligent intergator solution provides an efficient retrieval of all business-relevant information from millions of documents, e-mails, web pages and other data sources. By means of various facets such as source, period of time, person, document type etc. you can filter within search results. The Documentation Reader makes it possible to identify single search terms within documents and to preview the document without having to download it and without the native application on your work station.

Use Search as an Enterprise Data Infrastructure Component: Your advantages

The functions of intergator are flexible and user-friendly. Connectors, developed by interface:projects ensure the connection between intergator and the respective data source.

With the intergator Social Dashboard users can develop customized topic pages and share them with others. Based on this functionality enterprises are enabled to build a comprehensive Social Intranet.

Navigation with priority on the filing structure of all documents is possible with the Navigator, which provides you with a 360 degree view on the organization’s internal knowledge base.

The Expert-Finder helps you identify the most specialized employees for particular skills or themes within your organization

Using the Analytics Dashboard you can process indexed information dynamically and evaluate it through interactice reports and charts. The highly scalable index architecture of intergator facilitates an extremely fast search in Big Content environments.

With intergator you obtain a Knowledge Management tool which is available as software package, as Appliance, or integrated into the cloud.