Replacement of Google Search Appliance with intergator

Enterprise Search made in Germany as a viable alternative for GSA – more than merely a substitute

In 2019 Google will be terminating the support for its search appliance. Users of the Google search appliance are left to look for ways to continue their enterprise search without Google. Because of its comprehensive functionalities the intergator appliance IGA proves to be far more than just an alternative to GSA … more

Cross-database queries in Lotus Notes and Domino

Minimization of search times through intergator’s functionality and ease of use

Many organizations like to work with Lotus Notes because of its flexible configurations. However, it has often been criticized that Lotus Notes does not facilitate a functional search across multiple databases with system tools. Learn by example of the featured enterprises how they have managed to solve this issue through the implementation of a cross-system search with intergator. … more

A company-wide search within the Digital Workplace

intergator Enterprise Search as a connecting element for the Digital Workplace

As a consequence of the digital transformation companies are facing an ever growing amount of data and with it the challenge to universally accessing these various and heterogeneous internal information repositories. With the intelligent cross-system search engine, knowledge management- and analytics platform of intergator it becomes easy to completely and quickly retrieve information from the numerous applications of the Digital Workplace … more

Intelligent knowledge management with intergator for ISO 9001:2015

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015-requirements for managing knowledge

For the first time the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 explicitly calls for an adequate management of “corporate knowledge”. The norm requirements are related to knowledge which is mandatory for the execution of processes and for securing the conformity of the organization’s products and services. With intergator it is possible to unlock knowledge in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements. … more

Enterprise Search despite of Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is not a universal Enterprise Search solution

In many companies SharePoint is the leading application for team collaboration, document management and workflow automation. Despite its powerful search functionalities SharePoint Search has its limitations compared to a universal and cross-system Enterprise Search. An Enterprise Search like intergator provides important additional functions. … more