A comprehensive search in IBM Lotus Notes – wish or reality?

Praxis examples: Provinzial NordWest Konzern, Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen, Viessmann IT GmbH

In nearly every organization which utilizes IBM Lotus Notes for social collaboration- and business applications its termination has been announced several times. However, it is not so easy to replace the variety of interfaces of Lotus Notes and its flexibility in the development of workflow applications. Due to of a lack of alternatives Lotus Notes has stayed the means of choice and keeps being used for new areas of application.

Users of Lotus Notes keep reaching performance limits of Notes, in particular in connection with the search. Surveyed users have criticized the operating comfort of the integrated search functions. People in charge of Lotus Notes are lacking a possibility to realize a satisfactory search across databases with means at hand. This key weakness forced for example the insurers Provinzial NordWest and Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen as well as the global player Viessmann to look for alternative concepts.

When we wanted to perform a comprehensive search across multiple databases we were confronted with the limits of Lotus Notes.“, says Florian Fuhr of Viessmann IT Services.

Despite the different branches of the listed organizations (insurance; technology and plant construction) requirements for a search were nearly identical:

  • Searching and finding across databases
  • High search performance
  • Filtering of search results
  • “Did you mean …”  function
  • Definition of corporate-specific synonyms

After an intense vendor comparison and a thorough system evaluation the cross-system search of intergator came out as a winner.

The solution: The cross-system intergator index

Minimization of search times through functionality and ease of use

Of course, the limited search in Lotus Notes was not the single argument to introduce an enterprise search solution in above mentioned organizations. Apart from Lotus Notes information from other data sources (i.e., file server, CRM, DMS, …) should be unlocked and made accessible to users. The linking of the various source-systems should further be enhanced with user-oriented functionalities like an intuitive search interface or a visual search support.

Lotus Notes_english

Cross-system intergator index

intergator offers the required functionalities out-of-the-box. Furthermore, the user-centered functionality is topped by the intelligence of a semantic search. The focus has been to quickly and easily find the needed information. Company-specific projects were initiated based on afore mentioned goals and in-depth requirements’ concepts.

The range of functionality offered by intergator has been perceived as real progress and is far better than a Google search as it offers by far more functionality.” says Markus Bradtke, project manager of Provinzial’s information portal, Provinzial NordWest

intergator as competition or complement?

intergator does not only build a bridge among the various Lotus Notes databases, but provides for one central access point to information from all data sources of a company. Users like this concept very much and do not view intergator as competition but as a useful addition to the existing IT infrastructure. The provision of a single point of information access reduces search times and facilitates productivity gains for the organization.

The project has shown that we had decided for the right vendor. We have come to this evaluation based on the professional approach, the active project support and fast response times to our inquiries.” says Detlev Eichhorn, IT project manager, Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen.


intergator enables organizations and enterprises to easily and quickly search through their Lotus Notes and Domino databases. Companies of any size can thus accelerate processes and improve decision making with a simultaneous increase of the productivity of employees and an optimization of business results. The results speak for themselves: the ease of use and thus the motivation of users have sustainably increased; internal search times have been reduced significantly .