The intergator Documentation Reader makes it easier to find text passages within large documents and links relevant information across files without the need of downloading documents.

An intuitive use of the intergator Documentation Reader leads you quickly and efficiently to the searched content.

The Documentation Reader works without plug-in installations and runs in all traditional browsers without plug-ins like Flash, Active- X or Java.

Indexing documents is carried out automatically according to prior set rules and automatically generates links optionally within a document or even across documents.



  • Findability of pages instead of files
  • Quick full text search in large documents
  • High-performance view of large documents in the browser without previous download
  • Highlighting hits in the original view
  • Automated generating indices
  • Search and navigation in the original document
  • No plug-in (Flash, Active-X, Java, etc.) necessary
  • Documents can be read directly in the browser in original layout

Application Areas

  • Enterprise Search
  • Research in technical documentation
  • Online presentation of documents