For the analysis of the enterprise-internal need of information as well as the use of provided information and documents, the product component Analytics delivers a comprehensive overview about the searching behaviour and the accesses to documents.With intergator you can process about an Analytics Dashboard indexed information dynamically and evaluate through interactive reports and charts. The highly scalable architecture of the index achitecture allows an extremely fast search in the field of Big Content.

With intergator:Analytics indexed information can be dynamically processed and be evaluated multidimensional without having to build up complicated data structures.

  • Creation of content and usage analyses
  • Statistical reports
  • with the help of interactive charts


The usage behavior and/or the essential parameters of the search are made transparent and can be analyzed (visualized).

Queries and evaluations are geared to the specific needs and can be evaluated dynamically.

Link mulitple data dimensions.

An optimization of the search or search functionalities becomes possible.

Indexed data can also be add to a dynamic analysis, without the additional structure of complex data structures.


  • transparent and comprehensive overview of usage and search behaviour
  • Export formats (CSV, PDF, XML)
  • Improving data quality by detecting duplicates
  • Basis for optimization of in-house search
  • Comprehensive statistic functions allow purposive analyses
  • Tremendous time-savings for analyses

Application Areas

  • Monitoring and optimization of Information Management
  • Complement for an innovative search
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Business Intelligence on unstructured data