IGA – The intergator alternative for Google Search Appliance

Webinar: Replace the expiring GSA by intergator Search Appliance IGA


In February 2016, Google has officially decided to phase out the Google Search Appliance. Although a support for GSA clients remains possible until the end of 2019, enterprises are left with the medium-term question of how to act after.

Find out why intergator is much more than an alternative to Google’s search appliance

What are the alternatives in the field of Enterprise Search, if you want to get soft- and hardware from one source and do not want to transfer your whole company knowledge into the cloud? The intergator Search Appliance (IGA) offers a goal-directed and quick and easy alternative to the Google Search Appliance. IGA means Enterprise Search made in Germany, including the required hardware and software and support from one source to obtain maximum performance with minimum integration effort!

More than a search tool

There are more advantages of how Enterprise Search can improve business processes: identify the experts in your organization, find the right contact person, work collaboratively across departments or retrieve relevant project-specific information.

In this webinar (free of charge) we illustrate the opportunities for migrating from GSA to IGA! Learn about unique features of intergator, specific applications of the various intergator appliance variants and related best practice examples.

Why you should not miss the GSA webinar?

Until end of June 2016 interface projects offers a 50% discount for GSA clients deciding to switch to IGA!

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Please make sure that TeamViewer is approved as software at you. Please consult your IT consultation. Here you can download the most current version of TeamViewer. For a test you are welcome to contact us in advance.

Eduard Daoud


Eduard Daoud

Director of Sales, Marketing and Professional Service

interface projects GmbH

DATE 23.06.2016 10:00 (Berlin, GMT+01:00)
DURATION 60 minutes
COSTS free of charge

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