10 Use Cases for Enterprise Search

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The challenge of unstructured data and information


Nearly every business has to struggle with its own internal challenges. One challenge that most enterprises have in common is the fast provision of accurate and high quality information to employees, business partners and customers alike. As companies grow and expand the amount of data and information within companies grows exponentially. Thus, very often resources are wasted in the attempt to keep up with the up-keep due to the lack of awareness that there are tools for optimization available.

Save time and resources with one system for all sources

By implementing an Enterprise Search solution many of the everyday actions can be simplified and optimized. How often do we know that there is information on something stored somewhere, but do we remember whether it was in an email or a presentation or on the file server? Looking in various application within the enterprise takes time and effort and yet may still not lead to satisfactory results. Here come in the benefits of a system-wide enterprise search which can provide one single point of access to all information sources.

Based on intelligent technology an Enterprise Search taps into all internal data sources simultaneously. It does not matter any longer where the necessary piece of information was stored. More than this, an intelligent Enterprise Search like intergator expands on search terms semantically as each person and each division and each enterprise use their own vocabulary when searching. Based on facets and filters search results can be narrowed down or extended. Moreover, rather than having to open each document users can have a quick look into it via available preview tools (Documentation Reader), even when the particular software is not installed on their computing device. This saves time and resources!

More than a search tool

There are more advantages of how Enterprise Search can improve business processes: identify the experts in your organization, find the right contact person, work collaboratively across departments or retrieve relevant project-specific information.

The benefits of an Enterprise Search based on intelligent indexing are not limited to search purposes. They offer the possibility to provide fast and comfortably information for certain use cases.

This webinar shows 10 typical use cases of how Enterprise Search can improve the enterprise’s daily businesses in practice. These classical scenarios can be applied to any business and organization with the aim of achieving an added value for customers and employees, therefore having a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing business world.

Master the small hurdles of corporate life with Enterprise Search!

Eduard Daoud


André Lohse

Account Manager

interface projects GmbH

DATE 08.09.2016 10:00 (Berlin, GMT+01:00)
DURATION 60 minutes
COSTS free of charge
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