The company-wide search with intergator 5.5 as a single point of information access

Why do companies need an enterprise search?

Do you know that too? Your colleague is not there - sick, on vacation, or even in another company - and you as a representative or successor looking for a specific information or want to get a comprehensive picture. Where did he / she put his data and how did the work be documented? In emails, the company wiki, on the file server, under the customer in CRM, or where? Has the term car, vehicle, car or car been used? Have pictures, travel reports and country information been provided with English or German designations?

Everyone has their own, individual approach, regardless of company vocabulary, and each person seeks differently. And so the search for information is not only time-consuming and nerve-wracking, in the end you can not even be sure that you really have found everything relevant.

The bigger an entrepreneur, the more diverse are the "data pots" in which information is hidden. With the size and number of employees of a company and offices spread across multiple locations, finding and finding information becomes a very complex challenge. If employees can not quickly find the answers or content they need to do their jobs, they will become frustrated, less motivated and significantly less productive.

Content of the webinar

The aim of the webinar is the product presentation of intergator 5.5 with the focus on the features and functionalities of the central enterprise search (Enterprise Search).

As an example of the live demo, you can see how intergator can quickly, securely and comfortably access the information stocks in your company via a central search interface, regardless of whether they are in structured (eg databases) or unstructured data (eg emails). are located. You are not left alone with the wealth of search results, but can limit the list of hits via numerous filters and facets, for example, by date, people, colors, document type and more. Powerful search algorithms in the background expand the search by synonyms and similar terms, even in other languages, and search hits can be annotated, saved as favorites, and tagged.

Our experts are happy to answer questions about the functionality of our company search in the webinar, which you can test yourself via a demo account.

Target group

The webinar addresses business managers, knowledge managers, process managers, IT managers, and other department heads, project managers, and employees who want to make finding information in their organization efficient and effective.

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Ralph Henke | key account manager

Date 21.08.2018 | 10:00 - 11:00
Duration 60 minutes
Costs free of charge

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