Enterprise Search - also for SAP!

Access information stored in SAP using Enterprise Search

Why does an enterprise search solution make sense in spite of SAP, when SAP offers a comprehensive full-text search with TREX?

SAP has already successfully established itself as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in many companies. TREX is a powerful solution for finding information within SAP.

In addition to SAP, other applications such as e-mail, file servers, web pages, and collaboration platforms are used in enterprises. How can employees who use SAP as a central system find and access content when stored in other systems?

The flip side of the coin: SAP is not used in all divisions. Nonetheless, there are situations in which information needed for a work process from SAP is needed. For example, very often invoices or order forms are sent by e-mail as an attachment. The question, which arises from this: How can not SAP users reach this content?

Single point of access to all applications of the organization using connectors and converters.

Target group

The webinar addresses business managers, knowledge managers, process managers, IT managers, and other department heads, project managers, and employees who want to make finding information in their organization efficient and effective.

Date 20.04.2018 | 11:00 - 12:00
Duration 60 minutes
Costs free

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