Webinar: replace GSA with intergator

Migration strategies to replace the Google Search Appliance: Next date 26/04/2018

The approaching end of Google Search Appliance support is forcing GSA users to think about the next step. We invite you to discover the intergator appliance as an alternative to the Google Search Appliance as part of this webinar.

Similar to Google, intergator offers numerous intelligent search functions such as search suggestions & correction, synonym search, transliteration and cross- and multilingual search (see here for a complete list of search functions). Unique is the preview function using the Documentation Reader, where content can be viewed, shared and copied to a search without the native application being installed on the user.

Based on machine learning, the latest intergator version features smart data functionality for a smart search, including image search, image recognition and complex classifications, as well as advanced search suggestions, named entity recognition, and "Did you mean ..." fixes.

During the demo you will be introduced to key features of the intergator appliance, which are essential for a successful migration from the GSA. This includes:

  • Adaptability of enterprise search (synonym and semantic search, learning / machine learning, relevance, hit navigation, user-friendly presentation of search results, ...) safety
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • connectors
  • Performance & Scalability

Learn about the unique selling points of intergator during the webinar.

target group

The webinar is aimed at IT administrators and decision makers, knowledge managers, process managers and, in general, anyone looking for an alternative to replace the Google Search Appliance with a powerful enterprise search solution.


By the end of June 2018, we will offer all GSA customers a 30% discount on standard license pricing when purchasing the intergator appliance as a Google Search Appliance replacement. Inquire about details about this offer during the webinar and request an appointment for on-line or on-demand assessment.

We look forward to your participation and questions during this interactive webinar!

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Eduard Daoud | Head of Sales, Marketing & Professional Service


Would you like another appointment or an individual consultation on the intergator appliance as a Google Search Appliance alternative? Write us, we will contact you immediately. Contact: sales@intergator-mea.com

Date 26.04.2018 | 10:00 - 11:00
Duration 60 minutes
Costs free

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