Interface projects GmbH again at the ZKI Autumn Conference 2018

Motto of the ZKI Autumn Conference 2018 "Data Center Infrastructures and Usage Scenarios in Science"

Organizer of this year's autumn conference of the association "Centers for communication processing in research and teaching (ZKI e.V.) is the data center of the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel. The first day of the event is scheduled for the ZKI-internal working group and alumni meeting. The public part of the conference then starts on Tuesday, 18.09.2018 and is dedicated to the topic "Rechenzentrumsinfrastukturen". The third day of the event is all about the scientific direction of the infrastructures. Visitors get answers to questions like

  • How can high-performance computing be run efficiently?
  • How do "non-specialist" sciences use the digital infrastructures on the example of life sciences?

Meet us at booth C3 at the ZKI Autumn Conference 2018

We look forward to an active exchange of experience with all participants of the event at our stand C3. You are welcome to make an appointment in advance with us. Write us an e-mail to info (at)

Short introduction intergator

The enterprise search solution intergator is a proprietary development of the interface projects GmbH. The core idea of ??intergator is the provision of a central information platform, which bundles different information channels at a "single point of access", thus enabling research in various independent systems. Whether as intranet solution, knowledge management platform, as analysis gateway or as content management system - intergator efficiently links information components of complex and partly chaotic structures.

In addition to the centralization of information, we rely on modern aspects of information evaluation with models from the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We focus mainly on the conditioned analysis of texts and their intelligent classification into a meaningful pattern. This deep learning approach is complemented by image and facial recognition elements covering a broad spectrum in a rapidly growing industry.

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