33. National IT Congress

The important role of IT for Democracy

Bilisim 2016 IT

Meet intergator represented by its Turkish partner 6a in Ankara from December 8 – 9, 2016, to learn about the potential of an intelligent and cross-system search for smart data and information management in times of rapidly growing data amounts. Independently of branch and industry intergator leverages an intelligent data management for increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction and enhanced competitiveness.

By its ability to provide a sole access point to all digitally available information within an organization or enterprise intergator boosts digital workplace environments for better and more effective and efficient collaboration among employees. Moreover, it facilitates efforts for a top-end quality management system by fulfilling knowledge management requirements as described in ISO 9001. Meet the expert team of 6a to learn of the possibilities intergator can provide to build a Social Intranet based on Enterprise Search, to perform compliance monitoring, to dynamically analyze enterprise-internal information and much more.

See you at BiLisiM 2016! 6A_logo