7. Knowledge Management Days Austria

Intergator presents itself in Vienna

Together with our partner ITdesign Software Projects & Consulting GmbH, we will be attending the 7th Knowledge Management Days Austria on June 12th and 13th.

Different companies present case studies from their knowledge work. Among other things, valuable information for the implementation of knowledge management projects are presented, but also emerging hurdles or possible problem solving demonstrated.

We look forward to an active exchange of experiences and to a presentation of our enterprise search and knowledge management solution intergator in Austria, together with ITdesign Software Projects & Consulting GmbH.

Presentation of the interface projects GmbH on 12.06.2018 | 15:00 - 15:45

The Way to an Intelligent Assistant: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Search - How Artificial Intelligence Can Generate Added Value From Chaotic Information

  • Possibilities and applications of machine learning in conjunction with enterprise search
  • What are "cognitive services"?
  • How does the intelligent information development work?

The lecture gives an insight into new and modern approaches to information acquisition and structuring with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Using case studies, ways and solutions are shown how companies with cognitive search functions gain targeted information and new insights. The enterprise search "intergator" already offers innovative approaches with deep learning and neural networks.

In addition to a brief theoretical introduction, Eduard Daoud presents the power of the enterprise search "intergator", which already includes Cognitive Services in the latest version. The main topics are image and face recognition, document analysis with automated entity extraction and trained analog search of word groups. These approaches already allow more targeted information retrieval of different networked sources.

Eduard Daoud | Managing Director interface projects GmbH

intergator is a bronze sponsor.

On the 12th and 13th of June 2018 the Wissensmanagement Magazin invites for the first time to Vienna for the Knowledge Management Days. Under the motto "From Practitioners - for Practitioners", renowned speakers and numerous guests will travel to the International Conference for Applied Knowledge Management.


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Themes of the conference

  • Next Practices: Knowledge work in companies
  • What makes knowledge management successful? Case studies, project and experience reports on the organizational handling of the resource knowledge
  • Industry 4.0: Smart machines for smart workers
  • Collaboration: Social media in internal and external communication
  • Digital Workplace - knowledge work independent of time and space
  • What can Business Analytics, Big Data and Enterprise Search actually do?
  • Knowledge management needs IT support: SharePoint, Enterprise Search, Business Analytics, BPM / QM, Visualization and more.
  • Future Learning: Continuing Education in Times of Knowledge Explosion
  • Alexa comes to the company: virtual assistants and bots in the networked office
  • Knowledge Management in the Personnel Office: HR as Trendsetter?

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