Why do companies need a corporate-wide search?

Each one of us has been in a situation like this before: your colleague is not available and you are in dire need a particular piece of information. Where has it been recorded? Was it in an email, a word document, the CRM or last year’s PowerPoint presentation? What phrase was used to name the file? Going through each of these different file sources will take a lot of time and energy. Moreover, it may not lead to the expected outcome.

Every person has their own individual approach to performing a search query, regardless of the company’s vocabulary. And so the search for information is not only time-intensive and nerve-racking, in the end you cannot be sure to have found all relevant information. The larger a company, the more diverse are the data sources in which information is hidden. With growing size and numbers of employees and multiple office or production sites, searching for information can soon turn into a very complex and time-consuming challenge. If employees cannot quickly find the answers or content they need for their work, they will become frustrated, less motivated and much less productive. This is where Enterprise Search comes into play.

About the webinar: intergator Enterprise Search demo

This webinar will be a comprehensive live demo of features and functionalities of intergator Enterprise Search. You will see how intergator allows for one central point of access to all information within the enterprise, regardless to whether it is stored in structured data or in unstructured data, which typically account for more than 80 % of a company’s data and increase exponentially (emails, website content, CRMs, mobile and social media data, multimedia etc.). Learn about the intelligent features of intergator Enterprise Search. Through powerful search algorithms the query is automatically extended by synonyms and similar terms, also in other languages, and search hits can be annotated, saved as favorites and tagged. You will experience the scope of filters and facets to navigate within search results, social and semantic search functions, issues of access rights and compliance, the innovative interface to present search results and the artificial intelligence capabilities of intergator.

Our experts are happy to answer your questions regarding intergator during the webinar. You are invited to test our Enterprise Search and KM solution yourself afterwards via access to our demo version.

Target audience

This webinar is aimed at managing directors, knowledge managers, process managers, IT managers and other departmental/ project managers and employees who want to enable an efficient and effective search for information in their company for enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction.

Eduard Daoud

DATE 07.03.2017 | 11:00 CET (Berlin time)
Lenght ca. 60 minutes
COSTS free of charge

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