intergator 3.6 is released

Posted on 21.02.2011 by Matthias Neidhardt

interface:projects welcomes the new year with a new release. By integrating an Open Search Interface into release 3.6 of intergator, it becomes possible to subscribe for searches coming as rss-feeds. This search functionality adapts into Windows 7-search optimally. We are pleased to fulfill our customers’ desires by realizing following two features: intergator Documentation Reader and geographical research.

New outfit of

Enterprise search, knowledge management, explorative semantic web: We relaunched our webpage to give interested people a better insight in our solutions, which respond to challenges of digital overflow of information. Please let us know, what you think about our new webpage!

 The Berlin House of Representatives now uses intergator Enterprise Search technology

The Berlin House of Representatives wants to get in touch with people and provides an insight into parliaments’ work. For interested people needing information efficiently, they decided to use the Enterprise Search Solution intergator. Find out for yourself!