Don’t miss our incentive for Google Search Appliance replacement with intergator

Posted on 21.08.2017 by Matthias Neidhardt

2 for 1 when replacing the GSA with intergator Appliance

An attractive exchange offer beckons when moving from the Google Search Appliance GSA to the intergator Appliance: until 31.12.2017, GSA customers will be rewarded with an intergator Mini Appliance for free. Similar to the intergator Appliance, the intergator Mini also includes more than 100 standard connectors to link to key enterprise applications. With a performance of up to 300.000 index objects, the intergator Mini is particularly suited for website search and for setting up a Social Intranet. (see here for performance overview). The interface projects GmbH offers a comprehensive service package around the GSA replacementprocess: with information on the website, videos and individual online appointments, interested parties can inform themselves extensively in advance and test themselves via a demo account look, feel and functionality of intergator. Once the intergator Appliance has been installed, customers will benefit from one-stop support from the manufacturer. For more information and a comparison of intergator Appliance vs. Google Search Appliance see

Attractive offer for replacing the Google Search Appliance GSA with intergator Appliance.