5th FIT FOR IT Industrial Conference Day 2011 “Smart Fab – Planning and Automation”

Posted on 15.09.2011 by Matthias Neidhardt

Today production facilities especially in semiconductor, photovoltaic and electronic fabs require supporting IT solutions in order to keep up efficiency and product quality levels. To achieve these goals optimizing production processes and equipment right from the beginning could be one way. But keeping up the information at any time through the product flow in order to track product quality, equipment efficiency and optimal order trough put processes and users demand operative systems further on.

The FIT FOR IT Industrial conference day will present ways of system integration at the administration level as well as the shop floor production. Each level has own system and implementation requirements depending on the user tasks. The day will introduce different IT applications in order to achieve optimal strategic planning, overall production control, high quality standards and efficient data management. Applications such as ERP, MES, material flow Simulation and order scheduling will be introduces as “Best-Practice” solutions by users as well as solution vendors.

The presentations will show project and implementation examples in different areas and ways how to support and optimize daily business processes through efficient IT platforms. Register now and take the chance to meet and discuss with IT experts applications for planning, optimizing, controlling and tracking production processes.

Be a guest at our FIT FOR IT Industrial Conference 2011 at the SEMICON Europe in Dresden and get to know possibilities how to make production Fabs smarter!

Who should attend? CEO, CIO, Production leaders, MES-/ERP- and Process Engineers, Logistic and Production Engineers, Order and Process Planner.

For more Information about this Event and our Presentation please visit this Link: http://www.semiconeuropa.org/